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My Guzzi bike has a soul! The words of Wolfgang Kopf

“You’re taking me to Mandello now, let’s be clear!”, and so it was. It couldn’t have been otherwise. From Altdorf, a small Swiss village near Zurich, to the legendary Mandello del Lario, the birthplace of Moto Guzzi in the province of Lecco, and back. Because “a Guzzi bike always takes you home.” Or even better, it takes you where you heart, your soul, lead you. As they travel, the Eagle and its rider move in unison, they talk to each other, and despite the obstacles that appear along the way, they always reach their destination. This, after all, is the holiday of a true Guzzista! A sort of “spiritual journey”, an encounter between kindred spirits. Just like what happened to Wolfgang Kopf, a Swiss member of The Clan, who 20 years ago, aboard his historic Le Mans II, experienced a little adventure that proved that the famous saying “Moto Guzzi bikes have a soul” has a solid foundation.
Wolfgang wanted to share his story with The Clan. Are you ready to relive his experience with us…

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