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MG Experience 2021: travel with Moto Guzzi!

Without travel, without the love of discovery and the desire to cross boundaries, the Moto Guzzi legend wouldn’t be the one we know. This is why there’s no more complete motorcyclist than the one who knows the thrill of travelling with Moto Guzzi Experience

Moto Guzzi Experience is the adventure astride Mandello’s twin-cylinder range, dedicated to us members of The Clan and to all bikers who love pure driving emotions, the discovery of cultures and lands, and the friendships created amongst fellow travellers.

The 2021 season is designed to satisfy our desire to overcome the difficult international situation by offering a programme that celebrates the great achievement of the Moto Guzzi Centennial and at the same time protects the safety of the participants, allowing them to travel in complete confidence and in full compliance with the current regulations for health protection.

This year’s edition confirms the partnership with Top Bikers Team – one of the best tour operators in the industry – as well as the all-inclusive formula that has already been appreciated by hundreds of members of The Clan community: fun, spirit of adventure, attentive organization, constant support from technicians and guides, and the possibility to participate with your own Moto Guzzi or try out the Moto Guzzi 2021 range, with a special place reserved to the V7 and V85 TT

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