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I'm the co-founder of 4H10, a web-magazine about bikes, travel and lifestyle. It all began 10 years ago when I bought her, my first Moto Guzzi Le Mans that had already been customised by a friend. That's where my passion for custom bikes and bike customisation began...


I began to customise her without any clear idea of what I was doing, following my instinct. The style was that of a '70s cafè racer, with an enduro-type tank, minimal saddle and very stretched lines. Over time many changes were made to the bike, which became magnificent but difficult to handle. Then, last winter I said to myself: "Now's the time, I'm about to make her perfect..."


This bike is special and I both love and hate her at the same time. When everything works and she's nigh on perfect, she's an absolute marvel. When she refuses to start or the battery dies, all I want to do is destroy her. The engine is from a Le Mans, the frame from a California and she had been customised in chopper-style so it took a lot of work to turn her into a racer.


I want a bike that draws attention but that is a bit like me: discreet but exceptional, understated but brutal. Little colour, only raw materials: aluminium, steel and black detailing. Celebrating the bike's history and tradition but with an air of modernity and reliability, that's the real challenge.


What I love about this machine is first of all its engine. I adore riding her and hearing the revs climb, but I also love the minor imperfections that make her unique. Some are inherent while others are the marks of the history that binds me to her. As you may have guessed, this is a bike with a soul and that's why I believe that she deserves to have a name.


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Ti aspettiamo presso lo stand Moto Guzzi

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20 maggio
di monza
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guida gsss
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Migliora la tua tecnica di guida e arricchisci la tua passione guzzista

Sii uno dei fortunati membri della community ufficiale dell'Aquila a partecipare al corso di guida gratuito, dalle 8:30 alle 13:30, organizzato in collaborazione con la Scuola di Motociclismo Curve&Tornanti GSSS, certificata FMI.

Nella prima parte, una lezione teorica di introduzione al metodo della Guida Dinamica Sicura Su Strada, per spostarsi poi in sella alla propria Moto Guzzi per una sessione pratica - sempre accompagnati dagli istruttori I.T.G.S. - nella quale il piacere di guida si unirà a un rinnovato feeling e una maggiore sicurezza.

Nella seconda, un tour di 20 minuti di test ride per provare le ultime arrivate della gamma 2018 Moto Guzzi: le serie speciali Moto Guzzi V7III (tra cui le edizioni limitate Rough, Milano e Carbon) e le rinnovate V9 Bobber e Roamer.

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