Moto Guzzi The Clan

The Corazzieri and Moto Guzzi: 70 years of history

The long history that binds the Italian Reggimento Corazzieri (Cuirassiers Regiment) to the Mandello Eagle has its roots in the period following the Second World War, when the modern automobile was preferred over the outdated royal carriages for the institutional movements of the President of the Italian Republic. Consequently, the escort composed of highly selected – and very tall – elite Carabinieri, had to be provided with means more suitable than horses to follow the motor cars.


Confirming years of collaboration with the Italian armed forces, the choice fell almost naturally on the House of the Eagle, a true national pride for the countless sporting successes already achieved since the 1920s.
The need to motorise in a short time a unit that had been purely equestrian led the  Cuirassiers to adopt four different models of Moto Guzzi in just over five years

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