Moto Guzzi The Clan

“When are you coming to Transylvania?”

“I have no idea how many times my colleague and friend Alexandru had already asked me that question. But I was always stalling until, during a phone call just before the summer of 2019, my answer was finally: “OK, we’re coming!” 

Alexandru lives in the heart of Transylvania. Just the name of the region itself is enough to make your imagination run wild! My wife immediately welcomed the news enthusiastically, an enthusiasm that didn’t fade even at the moment I mentioned the theme “motorbike”.
“But not with the Enfield!” The imperative was clear. 

For a weekend outing in the Harz or Rhön mountains, the Continental GT 535 was fine. But for Transylvania? What bike might be the best?
“Think about it!” my wife said. I could only choose the best one, but it was easier said than done. It had to have a shaft drive and comfortable space for two with plenty of luggage. There also had to be a navigator that could be installed and operated without a degree in electrical engineering. And of course it should weigh considerably less than 250 kg when ready to drive.

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