Moto Guzzi The Clan

Family air in Corsica

It’s undeniable: for many of us our passion for two-wheelers grows in the family, starting from an uncle or father who perhaps ever since we were children placed us on the saddle of his motorbike, so big and disproportionate from us, somewhat as a game, somewhat with the deep-down hope of passing it on to us.
This “inheritance” is even stronger when the object of desire is not just any motorbike, but rather one that represents a hundred years of motorcycling history.
It is precisely this ideal passing of the baton, from father to son, that serves as the background for the story that we have imagined. 

We are sure that many of us will be able to place ourselves in this story as we remember the origins of our own personal love for the Mandello Eagle, and – why not? – finding the inspiration to send us their special Guzzi story through the new community form “Send a story”

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