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Report on the 2nd Moto Guzzi Experience – Is Molas Edition

The warm October sun rises over southern Sardinia and makes the 30 new, sparkling Moto Guzzis from the 2017 range glint as they stand there, all neatly lined up in a row and waiting patiently waiting for the 30 riders from all around the world to take them out on an exciting voyage of discovery, all together.

But this is just the start, the spark that drove us to climb back on these bikes on each of the 4 days of this, the second edition of Moto Guzzi Experience – Is Molas Edition. As for all the other sensations and suggestions, we’ll let the guys, Aldo, Stefano, Marzio, Kari, Morgiana, Francesco, Michele and Christian tell us what it felt like in their own words, which we’ve borrowed and now include in this report.

Thanks to them and to all the other guys who took part and whose comments we’ll leave to your imagination: Dario, Benno, Cristina, Armin, Claudia, Hannes, Cesare, Paolo, Luca, Alberto, Irene, Alessio, Massimo and Antonio.

Thanks for joining us on this Moto Guzzi Experience!

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