Moto Guzzi The Clan

MG Experience 2020: preview of the tour and destinations!

The year has just gotten off to a start and we can’t help but ask ourselves what new adventures and destinations lie in store for us with Moto Guzzi Experience for 2020!

The All Inclusive formula of on-the-road travels astride the Eagle range, created for us members of the The Clan community, has reached its fourth season stronger and better tested than ever, thanks to the renewed partnership with the Top Travel Team, one of the top tour operators of the sector.

An adventurous spiritriding thrills, discovering the land, its tourist and landscape gemsinternational composition, safety, scrupulous organisation and the unmistakable nature of the twin-cylinder bikes of the Moto Guzzi range: these are the aspects that most fascinated the hundreds of The Clan bikers that have chosen the Moto Guzzi Experience up until now! 
The 2020 season promises to exalt all of this and to push us even beyond by preferring authentic travelling experiences and making the 2020 Eagle range available to us, with a special place set aside for V85 TT, also in the new Travel set-up expressly designed for long distances.

7 months of adventures starting from April: 9 appointments for travelling to 7 destinations, of which will be special experiences!

Unveil the Moto Guzzi Experience 2020 destinations!

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