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Italian journey: MG Experience Belpaese 2020

A caravan of roaring Moto Guzzis, an international group of The Clan community members and a 9-day route that led us on a visit of Italy, from north to south and back again, in September 2020.
From the Po Delta Park in the Veneto region to the marvel of Sassi di Matera in Basilicata, crossing 11 different regions in one direction and then in the other, following and intersecting the Apennine mountain chain, which with its 1200 km of length forms the peninsula’s backbone.

This was an intensive tour for true bike riding fans who appreciated each and every one of the 2400 km covered, also at the end of the longest stretches and also, at time, enduring rain and hail. This route was far away from the more overused roads and was able to amaze “foreigners” and “locals” alike as it put the models of the Moto Guzzi range to the test, first and foremost the beloved V85 TT Travel version -, equipped for the occasion with the handy TomTom Rider 550 with all daily routes previously uploaded. 

It was a trip that distanced us from crowd, worries and pandemics, revealing and savouring suggestive – and often concealed – evidence of the land. History, culture, and food and wine intertwined with the style and riding thrills of our Moto Guzzis, to the point of merging into an authentic and extraordinary experience of discovering Italy.

Without distinction of geographic origin, we all returned from this experience somewhat more in love with our bikes and with the country that has been making them since 1921. We learned the common language of Moto Guzzi passion that, in so much as vocabulary as accent has an unmistakable origin. We are even more convinced that it is because every Mandello Eagle holds within itself a little piece of Belpaese – Italy. 

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