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MG Experience Greece: the essence of an adventure… in safety

Over 2000 km covered in 9 days in the saddle of more than 20 blazing Moto Guzzis that accompanied us along the roads of the first-time Greek experience stage in early October 2021. These, in a nutshell, are the numbers of the latest Moto Guzzi Experience. But the numbers alone aren’t enough to give an idea of what it means to take part personally in an adventure like the one just concluded, which joins the long series of successful tours organized in collaboration with the expert guides of the tour operator Top Bikers Team.

The term “adventure” seems to us almost reductive to define the epic trip lived by the participants of this Experience. The constantly adverse weather characterized all nine days of the tour, where incessant rainfall poured litres and litres of water onto the bikes – and their riders –, putting to the test in the field the road-holding abilities of the Moto Guzzi bikes travelling through the Greek landscapes. The response? Naturally, it was positive, also thanks to the experience of the organizers, who were able to keep a firm grip on the group, supporting and reassuring even someone like Alessandro F., who was facing not only his first Experience but his first real road trip on two wheels!

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