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Rally to North Cape: the journey of the Centennial!

“Having made all the preparations for the journey, I left Mandello on the 20th of June 1928 at 5.30 p.m.”

Thus begins the extraordinary story of the legendary trip to North Cape taken by Giuseppe Guzzi, brother of company founder Carlo, astride his Moto Guzzi GT 500 Norge. A true adventure on two wheels, a route that became a symbol of motorbike trips, a goal that every passionate biker would like to achieve at least once in their life.

This is why Moto Guzzi, in the year of its 100th anniversary, offers all bikers the opportunity to feel the same emotions experienced by Giuseppe “Naco” Guzzito cross the Arctic Circle and reach the fateful coordinates 71° 10’ 21”, Nordkapp, in the most exciting, carefree and authentic way possible, namely, riding a Mandello twin-cylinder and taking along only the most important thing: your boundless passion for motorbikes, travel and adventure.

Included on the 2021 calendar of Moto Guzzi Experience tripsthe Rally to North Cape will be an epic and unforgettable journey in pure Moto Guzzi style: 27 days on the road with an all-inclusive packagefrom 17 August to 12 September 2021, during which you can enjoy the spectacular landscapes of Northern Europe and share the route with other Guzzi enthusiasts.

More than 8000 km in all, first crossing Central Europe heading north, then the rugged Norwegian coastline with its magnificent fjords, and once the destination has been reached, returning towards the east and the Baltic countries. A one-of-a-kind experience that of course had to conclude at the Mandello del Lario factoryright in the midst of the GMG – Moto Guzzi World Days, in the heart of the celebrations for the first 100 years of the Eagle

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