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MG Experience Greece: last minute booking 9-17 October

Another not-to-be-missed Moto Guzzi Experience stage is waiting to be lived, with the same spirit and enthusiasm as always. This October, the Mandello Eagle sets off for a destination that’s new and “classic” at the same time: everything is ready for our trip to the heart of Greece!

Only a few days left to secure a place for the Experience scheduled for 9th to 17th October featuring the new Greek destination.
We’ll travel through symbolic sites of classical antiquity, including temples and archaeological sites, without neglecting exciting rides along the shores of the crystal-clear Aegean Sea. Obviously, the route is designed to enhance the experience of riding a Moto Guzzi, and every aspect of the trip has been tailored to bikers.

As always, the 9 days of the tour will focus on organization, comfort and safety in full compliance with the current regulations for protecting health – to allow the participants to enjoy every moment of the trip, focusing only on the road, the sites, and the symphony of the two-cylinder engines of their Moto Guzzis.

All that remains is to choose to participate in this exceptional tour in mainland Greece riding your trusty Eagle or one of the brand new 2021 models made available

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