Moto Guzzi The Clan

Must-see European lakes to travel to by motorbike

We Guzzisti are like this: romantically tied to the brand that makes us daydream every time we see a shining Eagle on the tank of a Moto Guzzi

As good romantics, wherever we come from, we can’t help but feel attached to the place where, for 100 long years, the magic has happened. Obviously, we’re talking about Mandello del Lario, the Lombard town overlooking the Lecco branch of Lake Como

And speaking of lakes, while waiting for Mandello to once again welcome the Guzzi passion coming from all around the world, let’s make up a list of European lakes that deserve a visit on our Eagles, bodies of water that in a way recall the unique environment where Moto Guzzi bikes have come to life for 100 years

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