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Elba Island on the V85 TT: Mediterranean microcosm

The inhabitants affectionately call it “The Rock”, but the truth is that the island of Elba is a real treasure trove of beauty ready to be admired, just a short distance from the Tyrrhenian coast of central Italy. The best way to discover it? On the saddle of a Moto Guzzi! We chose the V85 TT to let ourselves be guided by instinct and discover roads full of bends, often overlooking the sea, admiring the waves from above, or driving through chestnut woods. 

There will be no shortage of opportunities to enjoy the handling and stability of the V85 TT on asphalt and to appreciate its grit off-road as well. Be careful, though, when and where you put the wheels when you’re off the asphalt. Elba is full of enticing dirt roads and mule tracks, but most of them are subject to restrictions imposed by the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. So before venturing out, it’s best to do a quick check with the park authority to make sure you don’t embark on any forbidden paths. But don’t worry, for Eagle lovers there will be plenty of opportunities…

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