Moto Guzzi The Clan

Discovering Croatia on your Moto Guzzi

A journey through the folds of the history of the Balkans curve after curve, astride our beloved Guzzi bike. The chosen destination: Croatia, the second largest country (after Serbia) of the former Yugoslavia. It is a fascinating land, rich in history and charm, with a landscape that in the blink of any eye can transport you from towering mountains to enchanting beaches of rock and sand. Magnificent examples of sacred and secular architecture are flanked by often wild and uncontaminated nature. Aboard our Eagle we’ll have a chance to discover great cities that never sleep and small villages where ancient traditions endure, savouring the flavours of a cuisine rich in influences from the myriad people who have passed through the Balkans and the hospitality of a nation of friendly people who, after the horrors of war, are making the most of the potentials of their homeland. 
Let’s mount up: Croatia awaits us!

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