Moto Guzzi The Clan

V7 returns 850… 50 years later!

When talking about years of history, round numbers have a very special aura for us enthusiasts, capable of stirring nostalgia and emotion. And when we start to think in multiples of 50 – and there aren’t many motorbike brands that can do this –, then the story becomes truly one-of-a-kind.

Flashback: it was in 1971, 50 years after the establishment of the Società Anonima Moto Guzzi, when the V 850 GT was born. With an 850cc engine, it was an improved version of the acclaimed V7 Special (750cc), developed and perfected by the expert designer Lino Tonti as the evolution of the V7 700.

Flash forward 50 years: in 2021, 100 years from the birth of the Eagle brand, the V7 returns to flex its muscles, running the same increase in cubic capacity as its ancestor, becoming “eight and a half” and celebrating the success of the “new V7 dynasty”.

We challenge every biker not to find a touch of romanticism in this little “coincidence” that offers us a memorable glimpse of Moto Guzzi tradition. But we also have to be objective: the similarities between the two V(7)s, separated by half a century of history, are limited almost exclusively to the displacement!
Without sacrificing style and authenticity, the V7 has changed a great deal in its philosophy and contents, finding a prestigious role in a market that is profoundly different from the one encountered by its progenitor…

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