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The V85 Engine: all the secrets in The Clan special

The powerful, unique lines of the V85 have stayed in our minds since we first saw the bike at EICMA 2017 and, after no less than two much-clicked special features on the topic  posted right here on the community website, for us members of The Clan the bike’s design no longer holds any secrets. “Ok, but what about the engine?” you ask.

This is one of the top topics in the comments section, so here’s the in-depth article that we’ve all been waiting for regarding the 850CC engine that powers not only the V85 but a new range of “Eagle” two-wheelers, starting with a much more road-style sibling!

We can only tell you about this engine thanks to Antonio Cappellini, Moto Guzzi’s head honcho of design as well as diehard biker and off-roader, who revealed all the secrets of this twin-cylinder engine in the May edition of the “Motociclismo” magazine.

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