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Welcome to The Clan, the international community of Moto Guzzi owners and fans.
Here you’ll find the fuel to power your “Eagle” passion, as well as the perfect buddies to accompany on your voyage through Italian legend, so that you can always be first in line to discover the most interesting and exclusive content, including:

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  • invitations to rallies and exclusive community-related events,
  • invitations for special activities subject to individual registration,
  • technical articles on how best to ride and maintain your Moto Guzzi, written in collaboration with experts in the field,
  • anecdotes and previously unpublished stories about the legendary “Eagle” and about biking in general,
  • travel ideas and videos telling the story of a season of The Clan events.

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4) Discover the Club Area
Browse the Club Area and get in touch with your nearest local Moto Guzzi club affiliated to the Moto Guzzi World Club.

In The Clan you’ll find everything you need to fuel every kind of bike and biking passion. Follow our initiatives, share our season of events dedicated to true bike lovers with your friends and participate in initiatives especially designed for you.

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