Moto Guzzi The Clan

Our community’s manifesto in a video

It’s a boundless passion, something beyond words. Being a “Guzzista” is a lifestyle and becoming a member of The Clan is the first step to feeling part of this big family while we wait to discover the many “coming attractions” for the new year. It definitely promises to be filled with wonderful activities and events just for us (even in person!).

Check out our community’s Video Manifesto. With this identity video we hope to convey, at least partially, how much we love Moto Guzzi. This sentiment unites as all under the logo of The Clan.
Our shared emotional connection is what makes us strong, so let’s make our voices heard by commenting on the article and sharing our Video Manifesto with those who, like us, know what it means to be die-hard Guzzi fans

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