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Hellenic Moto Guzzi Club: 25 years of Guzzi passion

There’s a strong link between Mandello del Lario and Athens, a connection born from the same passion that inspires all us Guzzi enthusiasts around the world, all equally driven by the same emotion that pervades us when we ride – or also only admire – our Moto Guzzi bikes.
In addition to grinding out kilometres in the saddle of the bikes we love, many of us feel almost a duty to share our passion with those who, like us, have the same feelings for the brand of the Eagle.

This is the case of the Hellenic Moto Guzzi Club, the group of Greek Guzzi enthusiasts who back in 1995 decided to establish this club of Moto Guzzi fans that is part of the Moto Guzzi World Club. Over the years, the club has grown, expanding with new members from every part of mainland Greece and its islands, reaching a total of 152 members, all united by the same love for the motorbikes made in Mandello

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