Moto Guzzi The Clan

Canottieri Moto Guzzi: age-old passions and brand-new challenges!

The epic story of the Moto Guzzi brand has pervaded and forever changed the destinies of Mandello del Lario, the small town on the shores of Lake Como that has been “the home of the Eagle” since 1921. There is no street in Mandello where the Moto Guzzi legend has not left its mark, but the opposite is also true: our favourite motorbikes wouldn’t be what they are had they not been influenced by the particular “lake lifestyle” that for almost 100 years has welcomed and attracted the men and women who have designed and brought to life our Eagles.

The emblem of this close link between the factory spaces and the waters of the Lario has always been Canottieri Moto Guzzi, established in July 1929 as a leisure time initiative for the employees and which soon became a sports club capable of producing international talent, Olympic golds, and success in numerous categories. Like our motorbikes, Canottieri Moto Guzzi has also built its own legend over the years, a unique tale that enthuses and bring smiles to the faces of anyone in the Italian – and international – rowing world when they hear its name spoken. And that’s not all: this compelling story (we have already told it in this article) is far from over!
Still to this day, in Mandello, “sport” is synonymous to “Canottieri”, just as “bike” is synonymous to “Moto Guzzi”, and this bond between the factory and the lake continues to exist unchanged, leaving its mark on the rowing activities as well as on the bikes manufactured in the historic factory in Via Parodi. 

To help us better understand this connection, we interviewed the person who embodies it more than any other, Rossella Scola: President of Canottieri Moto Guzzi since 2019, who has a family tradition in both rowing and Moto Guzzi bikes!

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