Moto Guzzi The Clan

The Moto Guzzi Rowing Team: from Recreation Club to Olympic Gold

It was the 8th of July, 1929 when a canoe bearing the tag “Gruppo Sportivo Moto Guzzi” rode the waves on Lake Como for the very first time.

Just eight years earlier, the Moto Guzzi factory that was the fruit of the genius and determination of Carlo Guzzi had opened its doors and had achieved immediate success, quickly becoming the driving force behind the industrial fabric of the small and enchanting little town of Mandello Del Lario.

Under the farsighted guidance of Mr. Guzzi himself and with the avant-garde ideas of Giorgio Parodi, the major growth of the Company soon laid the foundations for the creation of the first recreational facilities which, given the town’s proximity to Lake Como, could only mean the establishment of the earliest rowing club.

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