Moto Guzzi The Clan

The 1st MotoGP World Championship was held 70 years ago, and Eagles are a part of that history

And for our contestant from The Clan, here’s the question worth 100 points: what motorcycle won the very first World Championship, 250 Class, in history?” The answer is one that makes our chests swell with pride: “The winner was an Italian, riding none other than “our” Moto Guzzi”.
Whether it’s a quiz on the history of motorcycles or about MotoGP World Championships, we genuine Eagle fans deserve a place at the top of the rankings in terms of points and of victories. Although it was only for a short span of time and long ago, our bikes have been the stars of hundreds of stories, and that’s precisely why now, in 2019, we’ve decided to celebrate 70 years of the “championship of championships” by rewinding the reel and sharing a look back at the Mandello del Lario hall of fame.

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