Moto Guzzi The Clan

Customization Guide Episode 1

The idea of personalizing your bike and making it unique is inextricably linked to the community of Guzzi riders. To confirm this, just take a look at our “GARAGE” section. But what does it really mean to “customize” a Moto Guzzi

In an world where subjectivity reigns, it’s not always easy to find someone authoritative who is ready to share some advice on how to personalize your bike; but we – as you know – like challenges!
Today we’re launching a short series of video conversations on customization dedicated to The Clan, led by two exceptional speakers who have been our great friends since they participated as judges in the two series of Lord of The Bikes on Sky Uno: the first reality contest in Italy dedicated to two-wheelers, powered by Moto Guzzi.


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