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Fast Endurance 2020 leg 2: GROWTH

Every leg of the Trofeo Fast Endurance 2020 is both a race for the riders of the Team The Clan and a challenge to be tackled all together, as a community.

This is the report of our riders and reporters Alessandro Moro and Francesco (Grillo) Grillandini, who consolidated their previous day’s performance and classified eighth also in the second race of the season held at the Vallelunga Track on 19 July!


«It was late Sunday afternoon and I was there, lined up on the straightaway, ready to dash to the V7 III N° 57 and towards Francesco, who was holding it up for me. Same scene as yesterday, tension again sky-high, yet something was different today: I realize that it’s an important moment, I’m pondering over our strategy, I am focusing because this start will condition the whole race. We are still twelfth and, in leg 1, we understood that in order to consolidate our eighth position or even attempt to improve it, we cannot screw anything up at the start…

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