Moto Guzzi The Clan

Fast Endurance 2020 leg 1: THE COMEBACK

Every leg of the Trofeo Moto Guzzi Fast Endurance 2020 is both a race for the riders of the Team The Clan and a challenge to be tackled all together, as a community.

This is the report of our riders and reporters Alessandro Moro and Francesco (Grillo) Grillandini, who classified eighth in the first race of the season that was held at the Vallelunga Track on 18 July.

«I tried to relax. I always try to relax before a race. Over the years, I have learnt to manage emotions but at the end they hit you all the same. That’s how things go. It’s my nature. If I have to tell the whole truth, I am almost more uptight about Alessandro than about myself, but luckily the kid made a great start: from the twelfth position out of twenty-four in the grid – which, by the way, is not even a grid; it is more like a “line-up” in the Le Mans-style start – he immediately climbed 5 positions. So I go into hiding in the pit to get into the right racing mood and I do a good job. A minute before the first change, I stand up, slip on my gloves and helmet and wait in the pit lane and… Ale doesn’t stop!

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