Moto Guzzi The Clan

The Clan and the V85 TT at “Polvere&Gloria 2019” (Dust&Glory)!

«We were instantly assailed by a mixture of excitement and disbelief when we received the confirmation: it was totally amazing to find out that we would get to represent The Clan as Moto Guzzi Experience Reporters at the “Polvere&Gloria” rally, run on the very same roads as those trodden by the “Eroica” cycling race, but on motorbikes”, how exciting is that! […]

This was an adventurous and romantic adventure that allowed us to truly experience, get to know and totally savour the heart of Tuscany, meet a magnificent bunch of people and get to try out an amazing bike in the type of conditions that really tested our limits and those of the bike and established a very special bond between us in the process. This may well not have been the Dakar Rally, but it was nonetheless our very own great little adventure on the V85 TT for The Clan and for all of you guys out there!»

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