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Moto Guzzi World Club: not just rallies!

[…] when you buy a Moto Guzzi, you don’t just buy a machine that goes fast, looks handsome […]. You buy a thousand friends.”

We like to think of this statement by the American author Melissa Holbrook Pierson – contained in her book The Perfect Vehicle – as a miniature manifesto of the spirit of our community and, even before that, of the Moto Guzzi World Club, the association that since 2002 has brought together clubs and individual owners of the Eagles of Mandello all over the world.

In fact, we can’t think about the MGWC without highlighting its tireless activity on the local and international scale to promote the participation of all the “Guzzisti” in the field, through public initiatives, events, and especially rallies open to all Moto Guzzi bikes.


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