Moto Guzzi The Clan

MG Demo Experience Tour 2022: discover the European dates!

In Europe, as the summer season approaches, events dedicated to us two-wheel devotees are finally back! Whether they’re motorbike rallies dedicated to specific riding styles or international festivals where music and motors come together in one electrifying sound, there’s only one thing that matters more than any other for us members of The Clan: getting together with other Guzzisti and sharing our passion for the bikes made in Mandello!

This year, Moto Guzzi has selected a series of appointments where, in addition to enjoying the programme of activities and initiatives, we’ll have a chance to admire the latest models of the 2022 range. Not only on display, though. In most cases, we’ll also be able to book a test ride to evaluate in person the unmistakable character of the Moto Guzzi 2022 bikes, starting from the new 850cc V7

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