Accessories and custom parts: a Guzzi-fan “illness”

Moto Guzzis have a soul“: a saying that has long since become part of many bikers’ vocabulary. But the one thing that us guys of The Clan – who love them dearly and ride them every day – are able to appreciate even more about them is their Character. We’re not just talking about the distinct identity of a particular brand, version and model, but about the true personality that each and every bike that has come out of the Mandello del Lario factory displays, sooner or later.

It’s something that is not easy to detect at first sight or even on the first ride, but rather the result of a powerful and deep-rooted connection that develops with its owner and with the roads and locations that the bike learns to travel and gets to know: from getting lost amongst the narrow streets of a town, to rides in the countryside and all the way through to long trips and rallies.

Ok, we get it, the clues are right there on our Moto Guzzis all the time, sometimes clearly evident (even rather glaring) and at other times more discreet, but behind it all lies the unmistakeable hallmark of a very widespread, albeit healthy dose of Guzzi-fan “sickness”: the customisation!

Accessories, custom parts and special details: these are not merely “gifts” for our two-wheelers (and obviously for ourselves too), but simply our way of enhancing and highlighting their personality and also our special feelings for them.
It may sound almost trivial to those of us who ride the “Eagle”, but that is precisely what makes all the difference between “decorating” and “customising”, and Moto Guzzi understands that just as well as we do: that’s why they have always supplied an extensive range of elegant accessories for every model in the range, to suit all tastes and personalities, all of which fully comply with vehicle approval regulations and will not jeopardise the manufacturer’s warranty.

Would you like to hear the good news in advance? The latest Moto Guzzi accessories catalogue will be coming out shortly! And now, since we don’t like missing out on anything, we want to give you a foretaste of our favourite items and tell you how our “Eagles” are doing after being kitted out to the hilt: browse through the media gallery photos to view them!