From 8 to 10 September: Moto Guzzi Open House

There is a particular time of year when a special event draws “Eagles” from all round the world to the legendary Mandello del Lario nest. Historically that time is the second weekend of September and the event in question is Moto Guzzi’s Open House!

The most highly anticipated date in every true Guzzi fan’s diary this year is 8 to 10 September 2017, the venue is the historical Moto Guzzi plant at Mandello del Lario and this year the princess of the ball is none other than the V7! The reason for the celebrations is none other than the 50th Anniversary of this twin-cylinder icon that has wormed its way into the hearts of bikers of every nationality all around the world.

For this special occasion the famous red gates at No. 57, Via Parodi will remain wide open to welcome with open arms the many, many fans that come from every corner of the world to visit the historic home of Moto Guzzi.

From the Eagle Museum through to the Wind Tunnel, via the factory and the assembly lines that hide the secrets of our travel companions, every centimetre of the factory complex becomes the stomping ground of Guzzi fans and especially of the members of The Clan.

Indeed, Moto Guzzi lays out the red carpet in front of our wheels and has a whole range of exclusive special offers for card-bearing members of The Clan, as follows:

  • first-off is a chance to test-ride the latest additions to the Moto Guzzi range making use of the Fast-Lane facility that allows you to avoid (or at least to shorten) the queue to book a Test Ride on the model that you find most intriguing,
  • then by taking care of our Guzzis by means of the much appreciated free inspection and check-up carried out by specialised technicians at the historic Mandello plant (registration mandatory from the end of August),
  • fresh from its recent success at the Stelvio International Rally, “The Clan Riding Practice” comes to Mandello on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10: this specialised intensive one-day theory and practical on-road riding course is presented by certified FMI instructors and is reserved for Moto Guzzi owners only (registration mandatory from end of August),
  • finally, the chance to collect a special custom reminder of this special day to prove to everyone how deep our passion for the Eagle really runs.

Want to know more? More details will be coming soon so in the meantime let’s rev up our engines!