“Special” equipment for outdoor living

There are many common passions and things we bikers love that unite us, but there’s one in particular that is common to everyone who rides a Moto Guzzi Eagle: the spirit of adventure.

That shiver that runs down your spine, the same shiver that drove Giuseppe Guzzi (Carlo’s brother) to ride all the way up to the Arctic Circle on the glorious GT 500 Norge back in 1928, and we know it only too well.
Of course, not all undertakings are that epic, but that doesn’t matter. We are willing to push ourselves well outside of our comfort zone because we know only too well that right there where most other people would be feeling decidedly uncomfortable, that’s where we start to feel the tingle of adventure, or what some would say is living.

There’s no need to go as far as eating insects like Bear Grylls does, but “adventure” is also about knowing that you will be able to handle any situation that may arise, whether expected or unexpected, by relying on your abilities, resources and equipment.