The Route Napoléon: by bike from the French Riviera to Provence and the Alps

Starting up your bike just a few steps away from the sparkling waters of the French Riviera, getting lost amongst perfectly sculpted bends and perfect tarmac only to find yourself at 1700 metres above sea level just a few hours later, admiring the breathtaking landscapes of the Rodano-Alps: this is the Route Napoléon, one of the most popular biking itineraries in the whole of Europe.

Travelling the Route Napoléon also has another, deeper significance: a full-immersion experience into Napoleon Bonaparte’s epic adventures. It means retracing the no less than 324km route that led him, after his return from a year in exile on the Island of Elba and accompanied by 1,200 men, to choose safest and most impervious route to reach Paris in just six days and retake the French throne.