EICMA 2017 as major players for The Clan and Moto Guzzi

EICMA 2017 has just ended and we’re still a bit dazed by the gleaming bodywork of the new Moto Guzzis on display and the photographers’ camera flashes, but most of all by the absolute invasion of Moto Guzzi fans and Clan members that dropped by the stand to demonstrate their love for the Eagle of Mandello.

Some of the guys spent at least half an hour examining and photographing every square centimetre of the stupendous new Moto Guzzi Concept V85 with broad smiles on their faces, almost as if they were trying to peek under its sleek if a little copious overcoat, others tried sitting on the saddle of each of the new versions of the V7 III, some guys stuffed their rucksacks to the brim, making full use of the 20% discount on the lifestyle and merchandising goodies reserved exclusively for Moto Guzzi owners and members of the official community while some of the guys even agreed to take The Clan quiz to find out just how much they really know about the “Eagle” and managed to walk away with a fantastic “Eagle” gadget for their trouble.